Important changes to tasks and Shopify API versions

In anticipation of version 2020-10 of the Shopify API, we're making several important changes to how Mechanic interacts with Shopify API versions.

All changes below are effective immediately. The changes below do not modify the behavior of any existing tasks in any way.

  1. Newly-created tasks now default to the latest supported Shopify API version.
  2. A Shopify API version is now a required attribute of all tasks.
  3. Previously, Mechanic had a "platform default" version, of 2019-10. For tasks that did not have a Shopify API version set, this platform default was used. This concept did not age well, and we are removing it.
  4. In light of the changes above, all existing tasks that had no Shopify API version have had their versions set to 2019-10.

Again, these changes do not modify the behavior of any existing tasks.

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